How to Know which platform to use for advertisement?

In the modern era of digital media, it's not easy to decide which platform to use for marketing. Will it be social media, email marketing, Google ads or banner ads or something else? It all depends on your product or services, your position in market, how well have you expertise any particular platform, your competition, your budget and many other variable factors.

Let’s breakdown each platform to see how each platform can be well optimized for your business.

  1. Google Ads

 The biggest benefit of Google ads is that your ads are more organically specific than any other platforms you can use. Let’s say you sell camera lens online or through your brick or mortar business, what would you wish for at first place? It’s the people who are looking for and are willing to pay for the camera lens. That what the Google ads does the best through targeting keywords.

When people searches for camera lens, and your ad pop up with some discount offer for the lens, what else you want?

Google ads works best if your business is brand new to the digital world or you are just starting out with no or very less knowledge of video editing. You get more organic traffic to you site and plus there are fewer variables which makes it easy for beginners.

  1. Facebook

 Let’s put it in this way, you cannot ignore facebook ads if you want to build a long term online business. Can you name someone in your friends circle who doesn’t have a facebook account? It’s tough, isn’t it?

If you have amazing skill of content creation, facebook is the platform you don’t want to miss. Most importantly if you have a good hand in video creation, leverage the facebook watch platform.

But in my experience facebook is good for retargeting rather than cold traffic or interest targeting, because let’s face it, people aren’t looking to buy something when they browse through facebook.

But its definite, that they will browse through their face book feed at least once in a while. So why not use that to retarget someone who has already been to your website?

  1. Youtube

 Did you know that after Google, Youtube accounts for the next biggest searches. You tube is not just a platform to watch videos, it’s a platform where people come to get entertained, information, educated and what not.

If you are a skilled video creator, you must be on youtube, if not you are definitely leaving the money on the table.

A single viral video can make you millions. Just get good hands on creating good content and you are good to go, but make sure whatever you are making appeals to your audience.

Summary- At the end of the day it all depends on the external factors like your position in the market, your competitor strategy etc and internal factors like your expertise in a particular platform. Avoid the mentality of the guy with the hammer rule, and most importantly be adaptable.

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